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About Us

Years ago as a family, we faced a crisis. How to care for a senior member of our family, our mother. She wanted to maintain her independence by living in her own home, a place that she loved and felt the most comfortable in. The task became how we could insure that she not feel isolated while living alone.

Our goal was to honor her wishes but naturally we were adamant that above all she had to be safe. We knew measures had to be implemented to insure this.

We started to pursue "Medical Alert" options and found the process to be very impersonal and expensive. Instead of dealing with a local agent, we were sent a box by mail. It was then up to us to install and put it into operation. We had so many questions and concerns with no one to address them to. It made the whole process seem unreliable and confusing. We were trying to make a decision that would affect our family, and yet we felt uneasy with the companies we were dealing with.

It was at this time that "The Life Guardian" was born. We realized the importance of being a local company, with affordable rates and having a real person to deal with. A caring representative to facilitate the process from start to finish.

Our promise became to treat each person as if they were family. To take care of our clients in the same way that we cared for our mom.

We pledge to be there when you need us.

We will help make, the decision of how to protect you or your loved ones, as easy and seamless as possible. With the aid of our state of the art medical alert systems you will have immediate access to help, if and when it's needed.

As we have always believed... "Peace of mind is priceless"