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GPS Care Watch

GPS Care Watch
Care Watch Features & Benefits

1.Protection Virtually Everywhere:
The Care Watch is actually a tiny cellphone combined with an ultra-accurate GPS location system. Users are completely protected wherever cell service exists. Worn as a watch or a pendant, it's activated with the simple push of a button.

2.Two-Way Voice for False Alarm Reduction:
As with any emergency device, accidental activations will happen. But with Care Watch, users can talk to an operator any time, regardless of their location—preventing false alarms and embarrassing dispatches of emergency personnel.

3.Compatible with Today's Mobile Lifestyle:
Care Watch has its own dedicated cell service and does not depend on your home phone for operation.

4.Reduced Wait Times:
In an emergency, seconds matter. Care Watch's digital interface shaves more than a full minute from the average response times of traditional devices. This critical difference might just save a person's life.

5.Find Your Bearings:
Care Watch can locate lost users, orient them to their surroundings, and get them home safely.